9 things you’ld love to know about Di’ja

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Here are 9 things you do not know about the DoroPrincess:

  1. Her real name is Hadiza Salma Blell, and she was born on the 14th of August.
  2. Her name Di’ja is a combination of Hadiza and Khadijah.
  3. She is of mixed race ( Nigerian and Sierra Leonian), her mother is from Northern Nigeria, Zaria in Kaduna while her father who was a deputy minister in Sierra Leone is half Sierra Leone/ half Lebanese which makes her a multi -linguist because she speaks Hausa and Krio (a Sierra Leonian tongue) fluently.
  4. She is a graduate with a double degree in Biology and Psychology.
  5. She started her music career in 2008 and her first single titled ‘Rock Steady’ got her nominated for the best Urban/ R&B Single at 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards. She also won the 2008 Best New Artiste award at the Best Awards.
  6. She is multi-talented judging from her varied interests in song writing, recording, fashion designing and visual arts.
  7. She has lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada.
  8. She is a fan of Bob Marley, Lauren Hill, The Everly Brothers, Tracy Chapman not just because of their music but the quirkness they all have as well as their love for humanity outside of the music.
  9. She is a serious foodie, in fact eating is her hobby.

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